Q. Can I dedicate more than one row?

A. Yes!

Q. Can I dedicate extra produce even if it didn’t come from my Plant-A-Row section?

A. Yes!

Q. What if I register my garden, but I am unable to actually harvest due to illness, or the neighbor’s dog wrecks my peppers?

A. There is no required donation just because you registered your garden. Thank you for trying!

Q. Where will the donation location be?

A. You can view the donation dropoff locations here.

Q. Can I participate even if I am outside of the Lehigh Valley?

A. Absolutely! You’d first want to check if there is already a Plant a Row campaign progress in your area. If not, we’d love to have you! The only thing to note is that donation locations are located in the Lehigh Valley.

Q. I would like to volunteer or donate.

A. Please contact us!